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Our Luton vans are long wheel base vehicles with a hard sided box fitted to the back (they are sometimes called a box van). Our vans all have a tail lift (as shown below) which can lift up to around 1000kg / 2,200Lb and are available for express and dedicated loads throughout the UK and Europe. They can load 4 – 6 pallets (and many more cartons) however they are not suitable for heavy loads. The GVW (gross vehicle weight) allowable for a Luton van is 3.5 tonnes meaning our vehicles can load around 1,000 – 1,200kg maximum. For heavier loads see our other vehicles.

Our vehicles are available for same day / express delivery if you need urgent transport or book your transportation in advance for competitive light haulage rates. Call us on 01290 211 807 or email [email protected]

Luton Van
Luton van tail lift

Whilst there is some variation on the dimensions of Luton vans (models vary in length, with and weight depending on the manufacturer), the specifications below are a good indicator of their general proportions and loading capacity.

Luton Van Dimensions and Specifications

Luton Van Dimensions
Luton Van Pallet capacity
Luton Van weight limit

General Information

Luton vans are ‘rigid’ as opposed to ‘articulated’ meaning that the cab and the body/chassis are a single structure and that the box and rear axle cannot be separated from the cab, engine and front axle (unlike an ‘articulated’ lorry where separate trailers can be attached to the cab or ‘tractor’ unit at the front).  They have two axles (one front and one rear) and are generally classified as a small lorry.

Can I drive a Luton Van

The quick answer is yes; most people can drive a Luton van without the need for additional testing however there are several variables when it comes to what vehicle you may or may not be entitled to drive so it is worth being fully aware before you hit the road to avoid any unwanted attention from the traffic police.  An online checker is available so you really have no excuses (you will need your driving license number and national insurance number to hand).

If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you are entitled to drive a Luton van (and bigger) without the need for additional testing. To verify you can use the online checker mentioned above or you can check the rear of your license.

If you passed your driving test on or after January 1st 1997 you can drive vehicle up to 3,500kg (sometimes called 3.5 tonne van / 3.5 ton van). If there is a to and from date next to the category B you can legally drive a Luton van (assuming the valid to date has not passed).

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