Our Fleet

We have a fleet of commercial vans and larger vehicles available for deliveries and collections throughout the UK and Europe.

  • SPRIINTER VANS – Standard & XLWB

Sprinter Vans

These vehicles are ideal for transporting smaller consignments, dedicated deliveries, fragile goods or deliveries where restricted access limits the size of vehicle we can send in. Where a vehicle has a tail lift, heavier and bulkier items can be loaded with a low loader/pump truck which avoids the need for a tail lift or a moffit.

7.5 tonne and 18 tonne rigid vehicles – with tail lift

7.5 tonne and 18 tonne rigid vehicles – with tail lift.
Our fleet of rigid vehicles covers the whole of the UK. Tail lift vehicles facilitate pallet deliveries and deliveries to non-commercial locations.

26 Tonne Trailers

The vehicles can take up to 26 pallets with a maximum loading weight of 26 tonnes – these vehicles can operate for dedicated loads as well as consolidated loads which gives a range of price options

The specifications below show the loads of vans (max weight and dimensions)

26tn Vehicles

  • Loadable Width: 2.5m
  • Loadable Height: 2.6m- 4.5m
  • Loadable Length: 9m
  • Pallets Spaces: 18-26
  • Loadable Weight: 15,000-26,000kg

18tn Vehicles

  • Loadable Width: 2.5m
  • Loadable Height: 2.6m
  • Loadable Length: 8.3m
  • Pallets Spaces: 16
  • Loadable Weight: 10,000kg

Luton Van

  • Loadable Length: 3.9m
  • Loadable Height: 1.9m
  • Loadable Width: 1.9m
  • Pallets Spaces: 4-6
  • Loadable Weight: 1,200kg

XLWB Sprinter

  • Loadable length: 4m
  • Loadable Height: 1.85m
  • Loadable Width: 1.7m
  • Pallets Spaces: 3-4
  • Loadable Weight: 1,200kg



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We currently require:

HGV Subcontractors (regular and Ad-hoc loads available)

Owner Drivers – for Light Haulage Contracts / Ad-hoc Light Haulage Work

Fleet owners


Due to a growing customer base Road Haulage Services have a variety of opportunities for professional, motivated owner drivers within the UK and Europe. Our customers require a variety of different sertices from ad-hoc work, return loads and tramping to regular long term transport.

Road Haulage Services use modern technology to streamline the booking, POD, Invoicing and payment process for our subcontractors. Owner drivers will be given access to the RHS App which offers a wealth of features that enable you to concentrate on the road.

Our targeted mapping allows transport managers to quickly identify suitable vehicles 


Drivers can receive:

Rapid payments (within 24 hours for some jobs)

Consistent work

No sign or membership up fees – As it benefits us and our customers to have lots of suppliers in our database we do not charge to be a part of it

What to expect drving for RHS Ltd

  • Driver App for regular work
  • Rapid payment for some work (24 hrs)
  • Self billing available
  • Clear commuication / dedicted dispatch manager
  • Good opportunities to earn
  • No fees

Subcontract haulage transport rates:

We understand the pressures of being a transport subcontractor and understand the pitfalls of the industry and we will alway seek to pay a fair rate. Owner driver price per mile:

Transit / Luton Van approximate rate per mile £1.80

7.5tn approximate rate per mile £2.20

18 / 27tn approximate rate per mile £2.50

Artic approximate rate per mile £3.00

Please note that these rates will be affected if a ferry crossing is involved or if the origin / destination is far away from commercial areas.


This is when a driver will work from job to job effectively living on the road for several days at a time and eventually working their way back towards their home destination. As a part or our network driver will often be able to pick up work to complement this style of work.

Haulage Return loads / Back loads

With lots of work available you will be able to reduce empty miles and hopefully increase your profitability. We have various methinds of alerting hauliers to potential loads but the main 3 tend to be Email, WhatsApp, and our own In-house driver App. 

Contract Logistics

Many drivers prefer to have a contract in place and we offer flexibility and a personal touch for our contract logistics partners. We will set you up with our in house App that enables tracking, POD sign and scan options self billing and a host of other benefits.

Your Data

Your data will not be sold or misused in any way. You will not receive unrequired calls or emails as a result of signing up and we only use your data with the aim of providing you with work. You will never be asked to pay anything for working with Road Haulage Services Ltd.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • For continental land transit the hauliers liability to you, the owner of the goods, is calculated at around £8 per KG. Additional insurance up to £10k coverage can be purchased for £20, and for higher value goods we will provide you a bespoke quotation.

  • As the roads and ferries can be unpredictable we do not guarantee delivery timescales however we do work hard to ensure rapid transit where required.

  • Yes. To ensure smooth transit it may be necessary to discuss access and timings with our service personnel and we can ensure that a tail lift vehicle is used where required.

  • 'Standard Pallets' are 120x100cm and 'Euro Pallets' are 120x80cm. Anything bigger than this would be classed as oversized or if your goods overhang the pallet (not recommended unless the goods are sturdy) it would also be classed as oversized. If possible it is best to keep the height to a maximum of 220cm as anything taller may not fit through the doors of many standard vehicles. Our oversized pallet quotes are calculated on the exact measurements of your load so you will not pay for more space that you use.

  • Typically 5 working days is a good rule of thumb for most western European countries.

  • For domestic pallets and Exports, we can sometimes collect same day If booked before 10am. On most occasions though collection will be next working day and for Imports it is best to allow 2 days.

  • Yes (depending on the distance). This will require a dedicated vehicle.

  • Yes. Engines or vehicle parts must be fully drained of any oil or fuel prior to transport as spill and leaks can create a slip hazard and a fire risk.

  • Yes, often we can provide an online tracking link. If this is not available our service personnel can keep you updated on transit.

  • If your goods can be moved by hand (small and lightweight) or by forklift then it may not be necessary to put them onto a pallet. Typically though a pallet is essential for transit.

  • Kerbside refers to the position and availability of goods. Collections must be from a place accessible by the vehicle and goods will not be move further once off the vehicle.

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