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UK Pallet Delivery

Next day and two day pallet shipping is available and we can arrange same day collection if your shipment is urgent. If you would prefer a dedicated service we will send a pallet courier to make the collection and deliver directly to your customer. We like to help our customers and we are happy to discuss details with you on the phone, insurance included.

Next Day Pallets

Delivering a pallet same or next day pallet delivery will require a dedicated vehicle. Our fleet has a variety of sized vehicles available and we have have several owner operator partners we use that allow us to be very competitive.

International Pallet Shipping

Shipping to Europe is big business, in 2016 alone exports to Germany and France (the UK’s biggest European customers) were worth a over £75 billion. We work with agents throughout Europe to arrange pallet collection and delivery for a wide range of commercial customers in the UK and France. International pallet delivery is usually very straight forward and our experienced staff will be able to answer any questions you may have.

What do we do

We can access networks throughout the UK and Europe with transit times typically between 2 – 4 days and will engage several suppliers before responding with a price and service agreement. Tracking is often available as well as same Day Collection

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs and we always try to be innovative when transporting palletised goods throughout the UK and into Europe, and aim to balance costs with an efficient and reliable service.

We will give you a rapid delivery quote for anything from a single pallet delivery through to a full load. An Overnight pallet delivery courier and Economy service are available and if you have a challenging load we are happy to work with you to get the job done.

Quality and customer service is our motto, if you have to chase us, we’ve failed. We always aim to update you about your goods before you need to ask. Deliveries will be made on time and in full and we fully understand the importance of a reliable supply chain.

Details worth knowing

A standard UK pallet size is 1,000 x 1,200 x 162mm. To make the most of efficient transport it should not be loaded higher than 2,200mm (including the pallet) as this will allow it to be easily loaded onto a wide range of commercial vehicles.

It is worth knowing if your pallets are stackable as this will impact how the load will be transported and can reduce your cost. Some loads are only suitable to go on top and this can be useful too.

Weight is an important factor in determining the transport cost. Be sure you provide this information (or a good approximation erring on the side of caution) when requesting a quote.

Always aim to provide contact details of the shipper (usually yourself) and consignee as we will book in each collection and delivery to help avoid wasted journeys if goods are not ready to be collected or if there is no one available to receive them.

Groupage is a reliable way to keep your costs down when sending any freight across the UK and Europe. Our Groupage service consolidates various goods (usually pallets) onto a single vehicle to create a more cost-effective shipment. We retain control of the entire delivery process and including tracking and electronic proof of delivery (PODs) as part of the service.

Why we don’t have an online pallet delivery quote tool

Having a standard rate card for pallet delivery quotes can be useful however these often don’t include the best prices on the market. We compare our own prices against those of our partners and if they can provide better value, we will offer you their services and pricing, what’s more we will arrange the pallet collection and delivery for you.

Each job tends to have its own unique circumstances and we find that the best way to ensure that UK pallet delivery (and international pallet delivery) takes place without any problems is to have a conversation with a human being first. This helps ut to understand if there are any access considerations and if we need to use a tail lift vehicle for pallet collection or pallet delivery.

Using our pallet courier network keeps costs down

We have spent a long time building relationships with pallet couriers throughout the UK and Europe whose services and coverage complement our own. This enables you to send a pallet through us and have a single point of contact. Your contact will be able to give you the best price as well as track your pallet delivery from start to finish.

In the same way, our partners will use our vehicles and our depots to compliment their own services. This reciprocal relationship helps to ensure that all of our vehicles run with maximum loads on board which helps us to keep pallet shipping prices low for our customers.

How does our Pallet Collection work?

If you have a fork lift truck available for pallet collection we can send one of our larger vehicles to your premises. If you do not have a fork lift truck we will use a smaller vehicle that has a tail lift on the rear so that your pallets can still be mechanically lifted onto the vehicle.

Our vehicles travel regular routes at regular intervals and we leverage other local pallet courier networks to support the collection, loading, unloading and final mile delivery of your pallets.

How do we offer such cheap pallet delivery?

If you have received a pallet delivery quote from us you will find that we can be very competitive and offer some excellent deals for cheap pallet delivery for the UK and Europe. The principle that we apply is to never let a vehicle run with no load and to try to fill up all available space on every vehicle. By avoiding transporting air we maximise the vehicle efficiency and keep the cost of pallet shipping down.

UK Pallet Size

uk pallet size

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