Oversized pallet delivery needn’t come at an oversized price. Unlike many other providers we don’t automatically charge for two pallet spaces if your goods are larger than a standard pallet. Our transport team will calculate what space is available on our trailers and we will usually base our prices on a combination of factors, not just size. As such Road Haulage Services can often delivery much better value for money than many other pallet network providers.

It is important to give accurate dimensions and a good idea of the weight of your oversized pallet to enable us to give you a meaningful pallet delivery quote . We know it can be frustrating trying to find good value transport if your goods do not fit onto a standard pallet so our oversized pallet courier service is a favourite for many businesses across a range of industries.

Road Haulage Services will give a price quotation based on a couple of various factors like cubic volume and available space on vehicles which means our prices are better value for money than many competitors when it comes to pricing for oversized pallet delivery to the UK and Europe. Our pallet courier network can collect and deliver your goods on a vehicle with a tail lift if no forklift is available.

The image below show how our Oversized pallet dimensions go up to 4.1 in length and stay within Our standard rates.


A Standard pallet is 120×100 cm and a Euro pallet is 120×80 cm. Many pallet delivery companies will charge for two spaces if your pallet is greater than 120cm in length or width which is not fair and not good value for money.

For UK oversized pallet delivery, If your goods are up to 4.1m long they will be transported on our standard service which can mean we give very competitive pricing. For example a pallet of 220x120x100cm at 250kg could cost as little as £80 + vat for overnight delivery within the UK. For shipping oversized pallets to Portugal 240x120x120cm at 1850KG the cost could be around £340 + vat.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • For continental land transit the hauliers liability to you, the owner of the goods, is calculated at around £8 per KG. Additional insurance up to £10k coverage can be purchased for £20, and for higher value goods we will provide you a bespoke quotation.

    • As the roads and ferries can be unpredictable we do not guarantee delivery timescales however we do work hard to ensure rapid transit where required.

    • Yes. To ensure smooth transit it may be necessary to discuss access and timings with our service personnel and we can ensure that a tail lift vehicle is used where required.

    • 'Standard Pallets' are 120x100cm and 'Euro Pallets' are 120x80cm. Anything bigger than this would be classed as oversized or if your goods overhang the pallet (not recommended unless the goods are sturdy) it would also be classed as oversized. If possible it is best to keep the height to a maximum of 220cm as anything taller may not fit through the doors of many standard vehicles. Our oversized pallet quotes are calculated on the exact measurements of your load so you will not pay for more space that you use.

    • Typically 5 working days is a good rule of thumb for most western European countries.

    • For domestic pallets and Exports, we can sometimes collect same day If booked before 10am. On most occasions though collection will be next working day and for Imports it is best to allow 2 days.

    • Yes (depending on the distance). This will require a dedicated vehicle.

    • Yes. Engines or vehicle parts must be fully drained of any oil or fuel prior to transport as spill and leaks can create a slip hazard and a fire risk.

    • Yes, often we can provide an online tracking link. If this is not available our service personnel can keep you updated on transit.

    • If your goods can be moved by hand (small and lightweight) or by forklift then it may not be necessary to put them onto a pallet. Typically though a pallet is essential for transit.

    • Kerbside refers to the position and availability of goods. Collections must be from a place accessible by the vehicle and goods will not be move further once off the vehicle.

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