Professional Services For Palletised Shipping Throughout The UK and Europe.

Our customers ship pallets around the UK and Europe every day. If you prefer to deal with a human being we are here to give advice and guidance about your shipment as well as general best practice to help ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.

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Pallet Shipping – Best Practice

Contact Details

Providing us with Shipper and Consignee contact details like telephone numbers and email addresses allows us to ‘book in’ our collections and deliveries. This helps to ensure there will be someone available to hand over or take receipt of your shipment and gives us an opportunity to firm up any additional requirements.


Always label your pallet with the delivery address and ideally include it on two opposing sides which will help our handlers to identify and accurately process your goods. It can be useful to include return information and a telephone number or email address which will again help to avoid any delays or mishandling.


Unless you have an account with us for palletised shipping we will typically require payment prior to delivery of goods. This means you can book the collection and transport and make payment within a day or two. This helps to avoid delays that might sometimes be associated with pre-payment.

Shipping 1 – 8 Pallets

Palletised shipping takes several forms however the most common is know as Groupage. Groupage is a highly cost effective delivery service typically used for 1 – 8 pallets. Your pallet(s) will be collected by our local agent and brought back to our nearest depot. From here it will be consolidated with other goods with a similar destination and dispatched for onward delivery. Throughout the transportation your pallet(s) may be (carefully) unloaded and loaded 2 – 3 times before the final delivery. Transit times vary but 2 – 7 working days is a good rule of thumb for Groupage.

Shipping 8 + pallets / Goods > 4,500kg

Shipping 8 pallets or more can take advantage of our Part Load service. We will collect your pallets on a larger vehicle and they are likely to stay on this vehicle for the majority of their journey. Other goods that have a similar final destination may be added en route and it is possible that your pallets will be transferred onto a smaller vehicle for the final delivery however this is dependent on sevaral geographical and accessibility factors and will be determined by our transport agents. Part loads also tend to be more economical for heavier loads, typically 4,500kg and above.

The Market

The UK and Europes’ economies are working well and encouraging competition within the freight industry. Good value pallet delivery to and from Europe works well because of the tariff free exports within the EU and good road links used by international haulage firms. The most common and cost effective route for UK pallet delivery to Europe is overland haulage and we can ship freight to Europe on a Euro pallet, Standard pallets or crates of various sizes.

Contact us online 24/7 or call our experienced team on 01290 211 807 who will be happy to help and if you require commercial guidance or advice for exporting and importing around Europe.