Guide to Parcel, Pallet and Freight shipping to Germany from the UK

Cost of shipping Pallets to Germany

The price for shipping pallets to and from Germany can be surprisingly cheap with small, light pallets under around 200kg costing as little as £85 + vat. Equally if your pallets are long or ‘oversized’ our network of international carriers can offer outstanding value for money. Importing tends to cost more than exporting and some of our clients prefer to take control of their transport as opposed to leaving it to their supplier to provide pallet delivery ‘Ex Works’ meaning that the supplier has arranged transport.

Germany is by far the UK’s biggest EU export destination and in 2016 we sold goods to the value of over £34 billion (our second biggest EU export customer is France at a mere £20 billion!). Whilst nearly one third of this trade is conducted by large corporations (Typically in the Automotive, Aeronautical and Petroleum sector) the weaker pound has bolstered our SME exports and we are seeing many businesses start to sell into the EU for the first time. This page aims to give the reader an overview of various export methods from small parcels to articulated lorry’s and some guidance from experienced professionals.

Freight shipping to Germany from the UK

OK, so the term ‘Shipping to Germany’ is rather misleading. Over 97% of UK exports to Germany travelled by road last year, which is unlikely to change in 2017/18 (even during and after Brexit) and freight is a general term you will hear that refers to any bulk transport.The next few sections will cover what is generally classified as freight and includes palletised shipping, containerised shipping and ‘full loads’.

When selling goods to EU businesses that are tax registered make sure that you include their tax number on your invoice other wise it will be deemed a consumer sale. You can apply a zero rate of tax and charge only the net value of the goods.

Palletised shipping

If you are going to begin exporting from the UK to Germany, Palletised transport is likely to be the most accessible and cost effective means due to the robust road network, tariff free access to the EU and several healthy international hauliers with vehicles and hubs in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and of course Germany.

If you are going to begin exporting from the UK to Germany, Palletised transport is likely to be the most accessible and cost effective means due to the robust road network, tariff free access to the EU and several healthy international hauliers with vehicles and hubs in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and of course Germany.

You may have come across the term ‘customs clearance’, if you are exporting within the EU and your goods are not on the list below there will not be any customs clearance required. here

Licences are needed to export:

  •  Military and paramilitary goods
  •  Dual-use and technology – such as machine tools, computers and marine equipment
  •  Artworks
  •  Plants
  •  Animals
  •  Medicines
  •  Chemicals

It is good practice to send a copy of the invoice with the goods, if unforseen difficulties arise this documentation will be used to identify both parties involved in the transaction and issues can be resolved.

Address Format

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Building Name (if applicable)
  • Number and Street Name
  • Country
  • Area Code (5 digit area code is similar to the UK Post code)

Next day pallet delivery

If you need a next day delivery to Germany this will require a dedicated vehicle which will come at a premium price. To get a good price for a next day service it is worth getting several quotes directly from hauliers, to begin your search I recommend you start on directories like and search their road haulage services section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For continental land transit the hauliers liability to you, the owner of the goods, is calculated at around £8 per KG. Additional insurance up to £10k coverage can be purchased for £20, and for higher value goods we will provide you a bespoke quotation.

  • As the roads and ferries can be unpredictable we do not guarantee delivery timescales however we do work hard to ensure rapid transit where required.

  • Yes. To ensure smooth transit it may be necessary to discuss access and timings with our service personnel and we can ensure that a tail lift vehicle is used where required.

  • 'Standard Pallets' are 120x100cm and 'Euro Pallets' are 120x80cm. Anything bigger than this would be classed as oversized or if your goods overhang the pallet (not recommended unless the goods are sturdy) it would also be classed as oversized. If possible it is best to keep the height to a maximum of 220cm as anything taller may not fit through the doors of many standard vehicles. Our oversized pallet quotes are calculated on the exact measurements of your load so you will not pay for more space that you use.

  • Typically 5 working days is a good rule of thumb for most western European countries.

  • For domestic pallets and Exports, we can sometimes collect same day If booked before 10am. On most occasions though collection will be next working day and for Imports it is best to allow 2 days.

  • Yes (depending on the distance). This will require a dedicated vehicle.

  • Yes. Engines or vehicle parts must be fully drained of any oil or fuel prior to transport as spill and leaks can create a slip hazard and a fire risk.

  • Yes, often we can provide an online tracking link. If this is not available our service personnel can keep you updated on transit.

  • If your goods can be moved by hand (small and lightweight) or by forklift then it may not be necessary to put them onto a pallet. Typically though a pallet is essential for transit.

  • Kerbside refers to the position and availability of goods. Collections must be from a place accessible by the vehicle and goods will not be move further once off the vehicle.

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Shipping to Germany costs - Export

DescriptionCollectionDeliveryCost in £ ex VAT
120x80x130 @ 150kg38162 GermanyEN4 8SB179
2 @ 120x100x120 @ 960kg each20459 Hamburg, GermanyTA5 2DR339
11 @ 120x80x150h GW 9000kg86368 GermanyDN38 6AA1150
120x80x142h @ 258kg92536 GermanySM3 9QP205
4 @ 0.8 x 1.2 x 1.8m 750kg each16356 Germany16356 Germany DA8 1QL599
120x80x210 500kg02943 GermanyBN15 8SU189
2 @ 120x120x102 @ 740kg each49525 GermanyMK18 3LA325
10 @ 120x80x160h @ 800kg each Non Stack91481 GermanyM17 1WA660
Full Load of56299 GermanyTN351550
150x120x170h @ 1100kg63322 GermanyCM21 0LX229
2 @ 120x80x180h - GW 582kg - Dedicated van22113 GermanySO50 4ET700
200x180x100h @ 390kg84556 GermanyBA10 0NH499
2 x 150x80x105 @ 215kg eachGermany 33739NP20 2AQ195
120x100x50 @ 75kg38162 GERMANYEN4 8SB115
7 @ 120x80x180 GW 5000kg19258 GermanySL6 1AB835
3 x 120x80x150h @ 370kg eachGermany 38162CB8 0AP339
120x80x100cm high @ 600kg50389 GermanyCM15 9SG189
120x80x48 @ 64kgGermany 22453W5 4DR119
120x80x200 @ 200kilo39629 GermanyLS27 7PB147
5 @ 126x72x182 GW 1200kg47229 , GermanyEC1A 7JQ435

Shipping from Germany to the UK cost examples - Import

DescriptionCollectionDeliveryCost in £ ex VAT
2 @ 120x80x180h @ 110kg eachNG12 3GZ13053 Germany219
125 x 80 x 100 weight 150kilosRM14 2AP90459 Germany105
120x80x150 @ 334kgSL3 0NJ21258, Germany135
3 @ 120x100x130 @ 270kg eachSS13 1EB47137 Germany214
80x80x80 @ 80kgPR7 4HD66773 Germany109
5 @ 120x100x180 @ 980kg eachNN12 8PL45468 Germany355
3 @ 180x75x75h GW 150kg Non StackSK11 0TA50126 Germany219
120x80x85h @ 45kgWR13 5AXGermany 74858114
120x100x45 @ 100kgYO14 0PH42551 Germany109
5 @ 120x100x160 @ 180kgRG17 7TJ52499 Germany415
4 @ 120x100x145h @ 855kg eachCO10 2DX50739 Germany381
80x80x60 @ 65kgKY10 3XA81925 Germany123
230x120x60 @ 600kgNG17 2HU40599 Düsseldorf, Germany143
100x120x40h @ 215kgE8 4QN85748 Germany109
120x80x150h @ 450kgSL3 0NJ, UK21258, Germany122
9 @ 300 kg each, size 120 x100 x170 cmB66 1PE15236 Germany695
1m x 1.2m x 0.9m @ 230kgsSS4 1NFGERMANY 25337115
100 x 86 x 90cm @ 220 kiloLE17 5DBGermany 88631114
70x50x42ch @ 73kgRH10 4NR08525 Germany95
4x 120x100x200h 150kg eachDT9 8RG10365 Germany555