Shipping to Italy

If you are shipping to Italy from the UK for commercial purposes it is worth knowing a little about the haulage industry and some of the options you have.

Due to the distance from the UK to Italy and the size of Italy, transit times typically range from between 5 – 10 days and prices will vary from a couple of hundred pounds for a single pallet to fifteen hundred pounds for a full load.

Pallet delivery to Italy from the UK

Cost rule of thumb: £200 for the first pallet, £100 per pallet thereafter. Weight and final destination will impact price (Italy is a big place!)

For a small number of pallets Groupage is likely to provide a cost effective and reliable service. Groupage is where several haulage firms will collect pallets form a broad geographical area and take them to delivery point 1, which will be a warehouse. Here the pallets are sorted and consolidated based on destination and they will either be taken on for final mile delivered on to another warehouse (closer to the destination) for secondary consolidation and delivery.

This is definitely the most cost effective method of transport and is perfect if you can be flexible on transit times and delivery dates. Forward delivery will usually take place when a full vehicle can be dispatched and this can add an extra day or two to transit times.

Full and Part loads

Full load from the UK to Italy expect to pay anything from £1,395 to £1,595. Final destination will impact price due to the size of the country.

Part Loads from the UK to Italy expect to pay from £895 to £1,195 depending on the size of your load and the final destination.

What is a full load?

This is typically anything that takes up the majority of the available space on the vehicle trailer (80% and over). Although freight is often moved on pallets, large crates or especially long items may make up the majority of a load.

Unlike Groupage, full and part loads typically remain on the same vehicle between collection and delivery and are often chosen when there are more than 10 pallets on a shipment or when the goods are of significant value. When high value goods are being transported you may not want the loading, unloading and multiple handling of a Groupage service.

How many pallets fit onto a trailer?

If you are using Euro Pallets (800x1200mm) your haulier will be able to fit 33 onto a full load.

If your goods are on Standard Pallets (1000x1200mm) your haulier will be able to fit 26 onto a full load  up to a maximum weight of around 26 tonnes, the maximum weight may be slightly higher or lower depending on the weight of the un-laden vehicle as the maximum gross weight limit is 44 tonnes (some lighter vehicles can load up to 30 tonnes).

Express Delivery to Italy

Express delivery to Italy would be by one of our dedicated vans door-to-door but due to the distances involved there are some challenges.

Due to the distance between Italy and the UK express delivery can still take two days and would only be available for loads of 4 pallets or fewer. A Luton van can hold 4 pallets and drivers of Luton vans are not required to use a Tachometer to regulate their driving and rest hours. As such 4 pallets can travel further in the same time than a load on a bigger vehicle where the driver would be legally required to rest for many hours during the transit. If you have more than 4 pallets and need rapid transit then two drivers can be used (one rests whilst the other drives) at significant increase in costs.