Haulage Cost Examples – Spain

The tables below gives an indication of the cost for some recent pallets transported between the UK and Spain. Hopefully this will help you to understand your costs a little better. If you would like an exact quote or to discuss your requirements we are only too happy to help.

Pallet to Spain cost examples - Export

Description of PalletsCollectionDeliveryCost Ex Vat in £
120x100x220h @ 800kgBS1108756 SPAIN175
100x120x180h @ 120kgBB13HU20012 spain168
pallet (mm) 2010 x 1000 x H500 @ 105kgGL7Grenoble 38000185
1m x 1.2m x 1.5m/ 100kgTQ9 6TQ18010 Granada Spain189
2 @ 120x80x190 @ 90kg eachSE1 7PB28021 Spain265
120x100x160 Height 400kgBT82 8EH28770 Spain285
6 @ 120x100x200 @ 350 kg eachIG1108918 Spain568
120x110x120cm - 200kgLE7 1NA28794 Madrid Spain175
120x80x35 high @ 120kgBS35 3QU50014 Spain145
1000 x 1200 x 1200 200kgN11 2EL30320 Spain163
120x100x220h @ 500kgHP11 1LJ28340 Spain174
1m x 1.2m x 1.5m @ 100kgTQ96TQ18010 Spain189
100x120x180h @ 120kgBB13HU20012 spain158
201x100x50h @ 105kgGL7grenoble 38000185
1400mm x 400mm x 700mm. weight 50KGWF103RB415005 Spain105
120x100x160 Height 400kgBT82 8EH28770 Spain285
6 @ 120x100x200 @ 350 kg eachIG1108918 Spain545
120x100x120 @ 500kgNG22 0PP03003 Alacante163

Pallet from Spain cost examples - Import

Description of PalletsCollectionDeliveryCost in £ ex VAT
210hx120x100 600kg03730 SpainLN11 8LR255
120x100x120h @ 1300kg30700 SpainSK15 3BS385
120x80x140 @ 750kg12600 SpainCV1 5PR201
Gross Weight: 800kgs 3.1 m long x 1.45 m wide x 1.1 m high"08620, Barcelona SpainPR7 5LF590
170x100x100 @ 100kg29670 SpainS60 1FB245
120x80x200 @ 1500kgSpain 12110London NW9 6JL359
2 x 120x80x80h @ 750kg each12100 SPAINGU22 7XR391
61x41x48 @ 15kg28830 SpainPL7 5AW105
120x80x100h @ 245kg04628 SpainLE10 3EJ170
Full Load45691 SpainBS30 5TN2995
120x80x140 @ 265kg28906 SpainSS11 8UD190
100x70x80h @ 75kg12520 Nules SpainEN10 6QX146
3 @ 120x81x 207h @ 215kg each03114 SPAINWD18 9DA449
150x185x97h @ 203kg36003 SpainRH1 4LJ299
6 @ 120x80x200h @ 575kg each43003 SpainB10 9JT629
120x100x60h @ 1200Kg32337 SpainSY14 8AN289
185x120x120h @ 200kgSpain 28012DA16 3LU269
80x65x60h @ 150kgSpain 30420SS3 0EA137
3 @ 120x81x207 h @ 215kg each03114 SPAINWD18 9DA425

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