Shipping from the US to the UK makes sense on several levels due to the absence of language barrier and the fact that the USA is the worlds largest economy and a vast importer of goods from the UK. A stable government and economy coupled with low regulatory barriers make importing from the USA an appealing option.

As your freight forwarder, we will work with our partners in the USA (typically in all major cities) to make the original contact, arrange the necessary Import paperwork for shipping, and make appropriate arrangements for customs clearance once your shipment arrives in the UK. Our road freight division can then offer you the same service for onward shipping of your goods to their final destination.

Cheapest shipping from the USA to the UK

We do not compromise on quality and will always use reputable shipping lines and air freight carriers to fulfill your USA to UK shipping needs. By limiting our relationships to a small number of suppliers we receive good customer service which we can then pass on to you, our customer. Also, because we spend large amounts with our suppliers we also receive some very competitive prices and aim to offer you the cheapest shipping from the USA to the UK weather it be by air or sea.

Import duty from the USA | US to UK import tax

It is generally advisable to let us handle the calculation of import duty from the USA as it can be quite confusing if you are unfamiliar with the process and we will charge only a nominal fee (typically £45) to take care of these details for you. however it is still advisable to have a broad understanding of what it is any why. Import duty/import tax is an amount you have to pay when importing goods from the USA. How much you will pay in import duty depends on the type of goods you are importing (the commodity) and their value. When importing from outside the EU, you must provide HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with details of its value and you may need to provide a valuation declaration (as mentioned we can take care of all of this for you). To calculate the Duty, first the invoice value GBP/£ must first be divided USD/$ at the current exchange rate. Second, add the cost of any insurance permuims (in GBP) to this figure. Third, multiply this figure by the commodity tariff and the result will be the duty owed. To calculate the VAT you need to add the invoice value (as divided by the USD exchange rate), handling costs, insurance premium and duty paid together. Multiply the result by 20% (the current VAT rate) to calculate the VAT you will have to pay.